St. Peter's Mission, Jaswant Nagar, Etawah

Place Name: Jaswant Nagar, Etawah
Parish Vicar: Rev. Fr. Kuttichira Antony
Established Year: 1990
Religious Houses: N.S.
Description: On 14 Feb. 1990 Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Mattam MST started this Mission. He was continuing the work initially started by Fr. Isaac Kochupura in the christian village of Tameri near Jaswant Nagar. On 3 Feb. 1991 Archbishop of Agra Rt. Rev. Dr. Cecil de Sa blessed the new building at Jaswant Nagar. From 1993 for few years the Minor Seminary of Etawah Mission also functioned at Jaswant Nagar. From 1999 we opened a school, St. Peters School, at Jaswant Nagar which has become a High School affiliated to CBSE now.