September 01, 2019 Jesus cleanses ten lepers The Sixth Sunday of Kaitha
  August 25, 2019 Show concern for the poor. Fifth Sunday of kaitha
  August 18, 2019 Do not reject the word of God to keep your tradition. Fourth Sunday of Kaitha
  August 04, 2019 There is joy in heaven over one sinner who repents Second Sunday of Kaitha
  July 28, 2019 ...... ......
  July 21, 2019 ...... ......
  July 14, 2019 ...... ......
  July 07, 2019 Become rich in the presence of God Fifth Sunday of Apostles
  July 03, 2019 My Lord and My God Dukhrana of St. Thomas Apostle
  June 30, 2019 Love for the enemies Fourth Sunday of the Apostles
  June 23, 2019 The good samaritan Third Sunday of Apostle's
  June 16, 2019 Forgiveness to the sinful women Second Sunday of Apostle's
  June 09, 2019 The work of the Holy Spirit First Sunday of Apostles - The feast of Pentecost
  June 02, 2019 Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Seventh Sunday of Resurrection
  May 26, 2019 Let they may all be one. Sixth Sunday of Resurrection
  May 19, 2019 The Lord who cares Mar Addai
  May 12, 2019 Your sadness will turn into gladness Fourth Sunday of Resurrection
  May 05, 2019 Jesus, the way to the Father Third Sunday of Resurrection
  April 28, 2019 Thomas the apostle professes his faith in Jesus Second Sunday of Resurrection
  April 21, 2019 Resurrection of Christ. Easter Sunday
  April 19, 2019 Passion of Christ. Passion Friday
  April 18, 2019 Washing of the feet and Institution of Holy Qurbana. Pesaha Thursday
  April 14, 2019 Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Palm Sunday
  April 07, 2019 Shepherd lays down his for the sheep. Sixth Sunday of Lent